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For more than forty years Dave has been a trusted coach in his role as a pastor, chaplain, and area director for Young Life. These days he mostly works with men of all ages who are navigating the gap between what our culture says a man "should" be and the everyday reality. He does some family coaching and will make referrals for others.

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In weekend retreats and weekly small groups Dave thrives in the role of facilitator. In the earliest days of his professional life Wenger was struck by the energy and fruitfulness of small groups. Bringing people together to hear one another's stories is a powerful catalyst for healing and personal growth. Dave Wenger hosts several retreats each year and helps facilitate new and existing groups.

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Regardless of the setting - a church, cabin or community center – Dave's public speaking is fresh, provocative and ultimately liberating. More than just a polished speaker, Wenger is a passionate and compassionate communicator. While his speaking is always closely tied to his faith and spirituality, Wenger's approach is solid and appropriate in any setting where people want to find healthy solutions to our culture's toxic definitions of success. Dave is available for a limited number of outside speaking engagements each year.

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Dave has recently begun to commit to paper the trial tested thoughts and coaching he has been sharing with groups for so many years. His first project is a book adaptation of the core talks from his weekend men's retreats. Look for details on this project and others starting in early 2013.

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2013 Men's Retreat
Date Part Status
May 20-22
June 24-26 closed
July 15-17 closed
August 19-21 open
Sept. 23-25
October 21-23 4 spots avail.
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David Wenger has been a coach, a guide, a provocateur and a steadying influence in the lives of countless men and women over the last forty years. His life experience, professional resume and theological training have yielded a unique perspective and forged an unconventional approach to helping others.

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